Romanian Genealogy

Are you a probate lawyer or an administrator?

Are you handling an estate of a deceased Romanian expatriate or do you represent Romanian families living in the diaspora?

Do you need to trace will beneficiaries, unknown siblings or their descendants?

Do you need information and copies of civil records concerning your clients’ family in Romania?

If so then Romgen could certainly help.

As probate genealogists we extract data from public records and databases to build and substantiate the family tree of the deceased, in order to trace the legally entitled next of kin or any other person.

We can provide you with the required genealogical documentation from anywhere in Greater Romania, all in accordance with Romanian law.

Our success rate is close to 100%

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România Mare – Greater Romania

Our fees are highly competitive and we can obtain these records quickly.

Documents can be notarized if required.

A Jewish Notary in New York

We are fluent in Romanian, Russian and German enabling us to read the records and converse with officials in different geographical areas. If necessary, professional translations into English or other languages can be supplied.

Iasi, the capital of the Romanian province of Moldova, also known as Yassi or Jasi

In many cases we have actually been able to find and verify living family members of the deceased still living in Greater Romania, or in other countries around the world.

At the end of our research we produce a detailed report with a family tree, to submit to the court.

What our research consists of:

• Accessing Civil Records in 43 Romanian national and county archives

• Photographing the record registers and indexing the Jewish entries

• Accessing mitrical records in Russian located in Kishinev Republic of Moldova

• Accessing mitrical records in areas of the Ukraine that was Greater Romania

• Accessing mitrical records in Romanian Cyrillic in Romanian archives

The Corn Merchants’ Synagogue Bacau

Synagogue in Fabric District of Timisoara Transylvania

Visiting some of the 98 synagogue sites

• Accessing Jewish communal records and burial registers in 39 communal office

• Photographing grave stones, in any of 698 Jewish cemeteries

• Surveying and indexing the graves in abandoned Romanian Jewish cemeteries

• Searching trade directories for Greater Romania

• Searching school registers

This is a street in Bacau, more than 50% of the population of Bacau were Jewish families

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Remember to use our Menu there are eight different pages of information