Case Study

Our client was an administrator of a will in the USA, who engaged us to investigate and build a family tree of the unknown family of a deceased widow from Romania.

The lady had died in New York without children, her only sibling a sister had died the year previously also without any children.

The widow was born in Romania and emigrated with her husband during the Communist administration. The couple worked in France and later on went to live in America.

The only known living relation was a brother in law, the second husband of her late sister. The gentleman knew nothing about the parents or family of his late wife.

From a handwritten note that the brother in law found with the name of a lady living in the Middle East. We were able to trace and interview twelve surviving paternal cousins once removed. Some were still living in different parts of Romania, in Canada and in Israel.  None had seen or been in contact with the deceased since they were children in Romania.

To undertake our research we visited archives, cemeteries and communities around Romania and built a Family Tree with 112 entries, backed up by copies of Romanian civil records.

Our 138 page report for the Surrogate Court was sufficient evidence to be admitted to conclude the probate without objection.

The use of this emblem is only to illustrate that my report was for the US court.

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